New Ad Urges Companies To Be Sensitive Towards Pregnant Women

Charvi Kathuria
May 06, 2017 05:37 IST
Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy can be the most tumultuous phase in a working woman's life. There are a lot of emotional and biological changes taking place in the body that can rob her of all the energy. In such a situation, cooperation from employees and other senior authorities is the least she expects from the workplace. A new ad, by Prega News, has been shot on similar lines and is an ode to all those audacious women who continue to work during pregnancy.


Watch it here:

The ad, released a few days before Mother's Day, shows how an expecting mother in a company gets shocked seeing her desk cleared. It's only later that she realizes that her boss wanted her to shift to a lower floor so that it becomes convenient for her to work. What surprised her more is the fact that her new cabin was well-suited to her needs. There was ALSO a heart-warming message lying in her cabin with a Mother's Day wish. The message, as per the ad, is from her second home -- people at her workplace.


A few moments later, the boss enters and says,"Becoming a mother is not easy. We're just trying to make it less difficult for you." The woman bubbles over with joy seeing the company's beautiful gesture.

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The video urges companies to be more sensitive to the needs of pregnant working women. It is only with such policies that they will be able to work stress-free, without exerting themselves too much


The beautiful message conveyed through the video has reached the masses and collected over 2.2 million views on YouTube.

Touched by the ad, a lot of people took to twitter-:


SheThePeople.Tv hopes more such ads will strike a chord with people as it is important to initiate the dialogue around pregnant working women and their needs. And that's exactly the spirit of Mother's Day!

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