Networking Tips to build Better Professional Relationships

Navina Singh
Oct 04, 2017 07:47 IST
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For many of us, socializing can prove to be more of a headache, than a fun. Networking, whether for a business event or a party, can be pretty hard on some of us, especially if you’re an introvert. Many of us avoid going to any of these events, lest we may be caught in an uncomfortable situation and not know what to say.
To better your networking skills, and have a kick-ass networking system that will stay with you for life read on.

Introduce Yourself

Since you won’t know a majority of the people,  introduce yourself in a positive way. Engage in positive conversation. Approach people and conversations with a positive mindset, and remember to have a good time. So take the lead. Understand your audience beforehand and ask only questions which are relevant to them. Talk about things outside of work, your favourite television show, or movies, or the latest news, it will help build real connections based on common interests and a good quality of conversation.

Get the Other Person Talking about Themselves

What they do, or what they want out of life. Pay attention to what they have to say. This helps bring out what you want to know. Remember, the best people to talk to, are the ones who ask us about ourselves. So make sure you are listening, more than you are talking.

Think about Long-term Gains

Real relationships take a long time to get established, and if you only think about short-term gains, there won’t be a solid foundation. Don’t rush, or push your agenda. Be relaxed. Be sure to ask genuine questions, that open an authentic dialogue.

Don’t feel obliged to be nice, or guilty about not saying yes.


 Do not over commit

Don’t feel obliged to be nice, or guilty about not saying yes. If you’re going to a networking event, you will meet a lot of people, and you’re not going to be able to be in touch with everyone. So, don’t make any false promises. Don't agree to do something because you want to be nice. Be honest about your intentions, and that will make for greater connections. Don’t be afraid to say no, or feel scared of being rejected.

Only go to events that excite you

Whether it's a party or a conference, only go to places where you know you will enjoy yourself. Bond with people, make friends, and these make some of the best business connections, with like-minded people. The goal is not only to talk about your work or what you do, rather, focus on talking about the other person, what they do, and who you might know that might help them, or who they might be able to help.

Be aware of your body language

This is especially important. If you’re slumping or have a negative body language, you shouldn’t ask why people don’t feel comfortable approaching you. Loosen up, smile, and be confident. Look friendly and approachable, and don’t scare people away by giving intimidating or aloof vibes. Be confident and believe in yourself. Moreover, have faith that you’re an interesting person.

Don’t Overstay

It is important for you to remember not to overstay your welcome. This usually ends up, with you talking about things you’re not particularly comfortable talking about and makes you seem uninteresting. Leave on a high note, exit, and people will want to continue talking to you. You don’t want to linger past a certain point which makes you feel awkward, and less is always more.

You must maintain steady eye contact throughout a conversation to be engaging and reliable.


Make Eye Contact

When you don’t make eye contact, it shows lack of confidence. Some people may even consider it to be rude. It could also seem to be that you’re shifty and not trustworthy. You must maintain steady eye contact throughout a conversation to be engaging and reliable. If you’re looking over their shoulder, and already thinking about the next person to talk to, and aren’t present in the conversation, you lose a good connection. You must remain present with the person who you are networking with, and give them your full attention.
It can be intimidating, to go to an event and having to network, sometimes off-putting enough to not want to go. However, you might have learned, that socializing is a great way to meet new people.
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