Jawed Habib Viral Video: NCW Writes To UP Police Demanding Action

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Jawed Habib viral video: National Commission for Women, the national level organisation that aims to safeguard the interests of women across the country, has reacted to video going viral on social media wherein hairstylist Jawed Habib is seen spitting on a woman’s hair while giving her a hair cut.

The organisation took to its official Twitter handle and wrote, “@NCWIndia has taken cognizance of the incident. Chairperson @sharmarekha has written to @dgpup to immediately investigate the veracity of this viral video and take appropriate action. The action taken must be apprised to the Commission at the earliest.”

Soon after, the Commission issued a summon notice to Jawed Habib. He has been asked to appear before the panel on January 11 to explain his actions. In the notice, the Commission said that it has taken serious note of the incident. It stated, “Therefore, you are directed to appear before the Commission in-person on 11.01.2022 at 12.30PM for deposition of your statement.”

An FIR has also been lodged against him by the woman he spat on.

According to a latest report, he has now apologised but said that the act was done to add some “humour” to the lengthy session.

“I just want to say one thing these are professional workshops, as in, they are attended by people from within our profession. When these sessions get very long, we have to make them humorous. What can I say? If you are truly hurt, I apologise from the bottom of my heart. Please forgive me, I am sorry,” he said in a video posted on social media.

Here’s everything you need to know about Jawed Habib Viral Video

  1. In the viral video, Jawed Habib spits a woman’s head while she is sitting on a chair getting her hair cut done. He says that his spit has ‘life’.
  2. The video is reportedly shot at a training seminar in Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh.
  3. During the training, Jawed Habib can be seen examining the hair of the woman. He further complains that they are very dry.
  4. While giving tips to the audience present at the seminar, he is spotted casually spitting on the woman’s head saying that his spit has life in it.
  5. The audience is also bizarre. The people are seen seen clapping and laughing in the viral video.
  6. The woman in the video is Baraut based Pooja Gupta who runs a beauty parlour by the name Vanshika Beauty Parlour.
  7. She decided to volunteer for a haircut on stage by Jawed Habib.
  8. The woman, in a video, opened up about the incident and said that Habib did this to show that you can do a haircut by spit if they don’t have water.
  9. “Yesterday, I attended a workshop of Jawed Habib. He invited me to the stage for a haircut. He said if there is no water, you can use saliva. From now onwards, I will go to my street-side barber for a haircut, but will not go to Habib,” said Pooja Gupta, who owns a beauty parlour.
  10. The video hasn’t gone down well with the netizens who are criticising Jawed Habib for his ridiculous act. It is not confirmed whether the video is authentic as the exact location and date of the video is not yet confirmed. Read more about the viral video here.