Navami Ramachandran bullied for Posting a Poem on Menstruation


An 18-year-old law student from Kerala was cyberbullied for posting a poem on menstrual taboos. Navami Ramachandran has been in the news for being bullied by people online for her dig on the taboo of restricting menstruating women into a temple. The Press Trust of India reported that Navami has filed a complaint alleging the right-wing groups.

“The abusers alleged that the poem on a menstruating goddess hurt their religious sentiments,” said Navami Ramachandran to PTI.

Navami, an activist at the Student Federation of India posted the poem as a symbol of solidarity and support. The post was meant to extend support to another youngster who also faced threats for posting about menstruation online.

Most of the comments on Navami’s Facebook page is in Malayalam. The News Minute translated some of the comments and reported the same. It read, “One person commenting on her post asked if she was a Pakistani for expressing such views. Another attacked her upbringing saying that she was showing the “true character” of her father.”  ‘Who are you to change Hindu traditions and customs? Why do you find flaws in Hindu religion only? asked another comment.

Scrolling through the comments of the post, one could make it out the trolls and bullies. The comment section was filled with meme posters and troll pictures.

After few days of the incident, Navami’s younger sister, Lakshmi was attacked by men on bikes. She was further hit by them and was threatened. Also, the men apparently warned her to ask her sister to behave. The 15-year old sister of Navami was admitted to the hospital and had to go through the horror for no fault of her nor her sister’s.

The family has officially lodged a complaint on Lakshmi’s assaulters as well.

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Reshma Ganeshbabu is an intern with SheThepeople.TV