National Creche Policy Makes Day Care Facility Accessible To All

Working mothers across the country can finally heave a sigh of relief. According to a report in TOI, the Ministry of Women and Child Development is in the process of formulating a National Program for Creche and Day Care facilities. According to the proposal, this facility is to be made available to children between six months and six years and a daycare home needs to be within the radius of one-and-half kilometres from either the home or the workplace of the mother.

Tenets of the policy:

1. The policy aims to make creche facility accessible to women of all strata by introducing variable structure of user charges.

2. A family lying below poverty line will pay only Rs 20 per month.

3.  Families with monthly income of both parents up to Rs 20,000 will pay Rs 200 per month.

4. Families where both parents earn more than Rs 20,000 per month, will be charged Rs 400.

5. The fee charged to the parents will be used as fund by the state government to revamp the existing creches, if necessary.

6.  Local Mahila Mandals, Self-help Groups, members of local bodies will be encouraged to participate in activities of creche and in selection of creche workers, helpers and beneficiaries.

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The initial challenge in the successful implementation of the policy will be posed by the verification process. The charges to avail the creche facility will depend on the financial status of families. Therefore, the initial screening, to be done by way of documents provided by the families, needs to be done properly to prevent cases of corruption.

The creche program will be implemented as a centrally sponsored scheme where ministry of WCD and state governments will provide funds in 60:40 ratio respectively. In case of North-Eastern states and Himalayan states, the ratio will be 90:10 respectively. It will be 100% for Union Territories, central ministries and departments

SheThePeople.Tv spoke to Aprajita Goel, a teacher residing in North Delhi, about how it will impact the lives of working women.

Aprajita says, “Supported by a joint family at home, I don’t really need a creche to look after my child. But this move is a boon for many, who are forced to leave their kids with neighbours or at a daycare center that’s very far from their place and expensive as well. I hope these creches are good enough to accommodate a lot of children and ensure their well-being at the same time.”

The policy is a monumental step in helping out working mothers’s plight. Apart from providing good care to children, these creches will also encourage more women to join the workforce fearlessly.

Image Credits: GovInfo.met

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