Natalie Portman's Seven Steps To Achieving Gender Equality

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Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman, at the Variety's Power Of Women event' graced her award by a powerful acceptance speech about gender equality. She spoke in support of Time’s Up, offered practical and proactive steps women can take to abolish all sexist norms.


Let's take a look at Portman's seven steps to abolishing patriarchy and achieving gender equality she suggested in her speech.

1. Money

"Raise or give money for the legal defence fund."

2. Gather

"Meet with other women and see what changes you want to make. Through TimesUp,  gathering has been the central principle of what we do and has created every action we have taken."

3. Listen


"If any group you're in, has people who only look like you, change that group. It's an awakening experience to hear from women who have different experiences of marginalisation."

4. Demand

"The women in this room are the most powerful women in our industry. All of you in this room have the power to negotiate for equal pay, grant equal pay or popularise equal pay in our culture."

"Be embarrassed if everyone at your workplace looks like you. Pay attention to physical ability, age, race, sexual orientation and gender identity. Make sure you've got all kinds experiences represented."

5. Gossip Well

“Stop the rhetoric that a woman is crazy or difficult. If a man says a woman is crazy or difficult, ask him, ‘What bad thing did you do to her?’ That’s a code word. He is trying to discredit her reputation.”


6. Don't be shy

"Don't shy away from consequences for those who abuse their power. Those who abuse their power are not going to change their behaviour out of the goodness of their hearts. They will only change their behaviour if they have to worry they will lose what they care about."

7. Tell a new story

"What if we took a year off from violence against women. What if, for one year, everyone in this room does everything in their power to make sure all the entertainment produced from this room does not depict rape or murder of a woman. Do not harm women in your projects this year. Let's see how that goes. "

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