Meet Temjen Imna Along, Nagaland Minister Going Viral For His Sense Of Humour

Nagaland Minister Viral Speeches, Temjen Imna Along Population Growth
Temjen Imna Along, a minister from Nagaland who has been trending on social media for his humorously denouncing racism with the statement “small eyes,” has published another video that is going viral on Twitter. Inma is the state president of the Bharatiya Janta Party and the minister of higher education and tribal affairs for Nagaland (BJP).

The minister talks about his first trip to Delhi in 1999 in the latest video. He is shown discussing many myths regarding Nagaland’s rich cultural heritage while speaking at an occasion. Inma said, “When I first came to Delhi in 1999 and got off at the Old Delhi railway station, I was shocked to see the number of people there. The number was more than the entire population of Nagaland. I was shocked beyond belief.”

Nagaland Minister Viral Speeches

From winning over Twitter with his clever remark on Google’s concern about his wife to suggesting that netizens “stay single” to control the population, Nagaland Minister kept entertaining users by breaking the monotony from scrolling their feed, every now and then. Here is a curated list of his funny and witty comebacks which convinced us about his good sense of humour.

“Small Eyes”

Temjen Imna Along was garnering a lot of attention for his original perspective on the prejudice that people in the northeast typically experience as a result of their physical characteristics. It is true, according to Temjen Imna Along, that people from the northeast have smaller eyes, but they have excellent vision. The BJP representative claimed there are numerous advantages to having smaller eyes during an event, whose video had gone viral. “Because of smaller eyes, we don’t get much dirt inside the eyes. And we can easily sleep when some long programme is going on,” the minister said, in the midst of cheering. Temjen Imna Along continued by stating that because the eyes are small, they do not contain a lot of debris. Temjen Imna Along did not stop. Additionally, he claimed that because of his small eyes, when a performance went on for too long, he even passed out on stage and had a restful night’s sleep.

“Stay Single”

In order to be “responsible” for the population increase, Temjen Imna Along urged people to remain unmarried and join the “singles movement” on Monday. On the occasion of World Population Day, the Minister, a 42-year-old bachelor himself, posted a message to his Twitter account. “On the occasion of #WorldPopulationDay, let us be sensible towards the issues of population growth and inculcate informed choices on childbearing. Or #StaySingle like me and together we can contribute towards a sustainable future,” he tweeted, adding that people must come to join the movement of singlehood.

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“I Am Still Looking For Her”

The Nagaland minister posted a screenshot of the search results for his name on Twitter. Along with his age and biography, it seemed the internet was particularly interested in learning about Along’s wife. He did, however, reveal that he is single with his clever rejoinder. “Ayalee, @Google search excites me. I am still looking for her!” Temjen Imna Along wrote, sharing the screenshot on his Twitter.

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