Following his comment at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Conference, that offended people and especially working women everywhere in the world, Microsoft Corps. CEO, Satya Nadella had issued an apology.


According to a report by Forbes, this week Nadella received an $84 million pay package. And even though the CEO retracted his statement and issued an apology, the problematic situation of women wages was bought to the limelight.


Nancy Hammervik, senior VP, industry relations at CompTIA, believes, “If the CEO of one of the largest corporations in the world could have such a response to a softball question, clearly, much work still needs to be done to level the playing the field in the workforce.”


Others feel similarly. Where Ana Dutra, President & CEO at the Executives’ Club, which is hosting a women’s leadership breakfast at its STEM 2.0 event later this year, states that Nadella’s comments were “naïve and stereotypical” ; JJ DiGeronimo, president of organizations Tech Savvy Women and Purposeful Woman, feels the issue is not only about gender but also the economy.


[Picture Courtesy: ZD Net]

He adds: “Across the board, companies should be doing more to retain their employees, not discourage them… [Corporate culture should] embrace the fact that women can, and should, be more assertive without trepidation”.


Dutra, who is also a mother of two daughters, says that women should be aware and confident of their own business value. She told Forbes, “I’ve tried to instill important values in them at a young age – one of which is that they should never hesitate to seek personal and professional development, opportunities, deliver results and ask for fair compensation.”