“My Heart Breaks”: Gal Gadot On Escalating Tensions Between Israel and Palestine

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Gal Gadot Israel-Palestine: The Israeli-origin actor spoke about the recent escalation of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Gadot took to Instagram after violence saw dozens of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces.

In her post, Gal Gadot said “My heart breaks. My country is at war”. She described it as a “vicious cycle” and said that it has gone on for too long. Gadot added that “Israel deserves to live as a free and safe nation, our neighbours deserve the same.” She ended her statement by saying she was praying for the victims and their families and that she was praying for better days.

On Wednesday, Israel launched several airstrikes within a few minutes according to a witness. The Health Ministry in Gaza stated that in the last two days, at least 48 people have been killed in airstrikes. Out of those 48, there were 14 children were killed and more than 300 people were wounded. Israel said that at least 15 of the dead were Hamas militants.

Six Israelis, including a child, were killed by rocket fire on Tuesday and Wednesday, and dozens were wounded.

The Israeli military said that militants in Gaza have fired more than 1,000 rockets since Monday. Hamas said that more than 550 residential and government buildings very targeted in Israeli raids. Meanwhile, Israeli defence officials accused that militants were using Gaza civilians as human shields by shooting rockets from civilian areas like populated neighbourhoods and schools.

Since the conflict began, the Israeli military and Palestinian militants have fired more than 1,050 rockets. Around 200 rockets fell short and landed in Gaza.

Defense Minister of Israel Benny Gantz said that attacks would increase to bring “total, long term quiet.”

The weeks of violent clashes lead to the heaviest fighting between Israel and Palestine since 2014. The tension between Israel and Palestine revolves around Jerusalem, which contains sites sacred to Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.