Muslim Couple Performs Kanyadaan, Hosts Wedding Of A Hindu Girl

Muslim Couple performs Kanyadaan

COVID -19 lockdown restrictions proved to be a long hiatus in our lives. But these restrictions didn’t stop Sudesh Kumar from marrying Pooja, all thanks to her mama-mami, Muslim couple based in Ludhiana. Abdul Sajid and his wife, from Bhatiyan in Ludhiana district of Punjab, solemnized the marriage of a Hindu couple – 22-year-old Pooja and Sudesh Kumar from Sahnewal. They also carried out the Kanyadaan ritual for Pooja as her parents are currently in Uttar Pradesh, following the lockdown restrictions.

According to the Times of India, Pooja’s marriage was fixed before the lockdown was announced. However, her parents, and siblings, who had gone to their native village in Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh, couldn’t return once the lockdown was imposed. However, Abdul Sajid and his wife, whom Pooja addresses as her Mama-Mami, came forward to solemnize the marriage according to the Hindu rituals.

A Simple Wedding

The wedding was a small and cozy ceremony. Pooja’s parents had sent some money for her wedding. Sajid and his wife decided to go ahead with the marriage rituals when the bridegroom’s family asked about the wedding ceremony. The wedding was fixed even before the lockdown was announced. “When the family of the bridegroom asked us about the marriage, I called up Pooja’s parents and they told us that we could go ahead with the marriage. We did all preparations for the ceremony and called Pundit Ji from Machchiwara and got the ‘pheras’ solemnized as per the Hindu rituals. I along with my wife Soni, performed Pooja’s Kanyadaan and cooked lunch for the bridegroom’s family. We also gifted her a double bed, almirahs and utensils,” Abdul Sajid told TOI.

When the family of the bridegroom asked us about the marriage, I called up Pooja’s parents and they told us that we could go ahead with the marriage.

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Sajid works in a yarn mill and hails from Katihar in Bihar. He further added, “She addresses me and my wife as Mama (maternal uncle) and Mami (maternal aunt) and we did whatever we could do for her. We have known her family for about five years. There are many examples in India where people of various religions and beliefs help each other.”

Sajid’s wife Soni said that they consider Pooja to be their daughter. The wedding ceremony had only four adults from the groom’s side – two sisters of the groom and their husband. “Only seven persons had come for the marriage. The family of the groom had insisted that they didn’t want any gift but we thought that we must give her something when she leave for her new home,” added Sajid.

The bridegroom was happy by the fact that his marriage is being solemnized by a Muslim family, TOI reported. The bride was also touched by her Mama- Mami’s loving gesture.

Picture Credit-  I Am Gujarat

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