Called One Of Top Indian Coders, Muskan Agrawal Bags Rs 60 LPA Job

A BTech graduate, Uttar Pradesh's Muskan Agrawal bagged Rs 60 LPA job offer with LinkedIn. She also secured the title of 'top woman coder' in 2022 winning TechGig Geek Goddess 2022, competing with 69,000 other coders. 

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Who Is Muskan Agrawal? India's Top Woman Coder. (Image: LinkedIn).

A BTech graduate from IIIT-Una Uttar Pradesh (Indian Institute of Information Technology, Muskan Agrawal achieved a remarkable feat by bagging a ₹60 LPA job offer at LinkedIn. Agrawal landed an offer, which is allegedly the highest level of job offer at her institute. Agrawal also secured the 'top women coder' title in 2022 winning TechGig Geek Goddess 2022, competing with 69,000 other coders. 


In 2022, Agrawal also earned recognition as Harvard WECode Scholar, as a student participant in the world's largest student-run tech conference, organised by undergraduate women at Harvard University.

Who Is Muskan Agrawal?

Hailing from Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, Muskan Agrawal is a BTech graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering from IIIT-Una in Uttar Pradesh. Agrawal created history by securing the highest-ever package of ₹60 LPA obtained by any student from her institute. 

Notably, she has not secured this offer from IIT or an IIM, but with her determination to go the extra mile in her learning and experience, she could bag the package with the professional networking platform LinkedIn. 

Agrawal secured the job of Software Development Engineer (SDE) at LinkedIn with an annual package of ₹60 LPA, where she was already working for 5 months and earlier has also interned for the same role. 

TechGig Geek Goddess 2022


Agrawal came into recognition by tech enthusiasts in 2022 as she emerged as the 'top woman coder' at the TechGig Geek Goddess 2022 competition securing a winning prize of ₹1.5Lakhs. 

Agrawal triumphed at Geek Goddess, an annual coding tournament held exclusively for women where they're expected to code for four hours at a stretch.

Her Path To Success

Agrawal began honing her skills in 2021 by participating in various open-source projects alongside her studies. She began by joining various internships that also led her to secure LinkedIn's top 40 women mentorship programme. 

While working in several internships, Agrawal created data structures and algorithms for coding platforms including TestGorilla, HackerEarth and Mettl among others, reviewing problems set by other problem setters. 

Agrawal is a prime example for all those who believe only premiere institutes are their only tickets to high-paying jobs and her record-breaking achievement is certainly a source of inspiration and encouragement for all the emerging future women coders in the country. 


In 2022, another trainee from IIIT-Una secured a package of 47 Lakhs and almost 86% of students from the 2019-2023 batch obtained placements in around 31 countries from the college. 

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