Mumbai: Police Personnel Charged With Rape, Investigation Underway

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Mumbai Police Personnel Charged With Rape: An FIR has been registered against a police officer in Mumbai after a woman officer filed a complaint against him.

The female officer accused the police personnel of rape. The identity of the accused has not been revealed yet. According to the police, further investigation of the case is being done.

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Similar incidents:

In the recent past, many such cases have surfaced where a police officer has been accused of committing rape. In March this year, a police officer in Rajasthan was probed for alleged sexual harassment of a woman who had come to him seeking help with a rape case.

The police officer named Kailash Bora met the survivor when she came to Jawaharlal Circle Police Station to register three rape cases. One of the cases was against a man who had allegedly raped the woman on the pretext of marriage. Bora allegedly asked for a bribe of Rs 50,000 to work on the case, when she couldn’t give provide the money, he allegedly asked for sexual favours. The survivor then reached out to Anti-Corruption Bureau and the department planned to catch the accused red-handed.

Bora had called the survivor to meet at the police station on an off day, Sunday. This is when the ACB barged in and caught the accused in a compromising state. Kailash Bora was then arrested and was terminated from service. Bora had been a recruit in Jaipur’s special unit which focused on dealing with crimes against women.

According to the latest data released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) approximately 88 women were raped daily in the country in 2019. Even we just consider the reported cases, the conviction rate of accused persons was as low as 27.8%.

In 2019, Rajasthan reported the highest number of rape cases which stood at 5,997 out of the total 32,033 cases reported from all over India.