Mumbai Peeping Tom: Man Attempts To Film Woman In Eatery’s Toilet

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A peeping Tom was caught in Mumbai for daring to film a woman on his mobile phone. The 38-year-old man tried to commit this shameless act while the 30-year-old woman was in an eatery’s washroom located near Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) station in Mumbai. The entire incident was caught on a CCTV camera, and the peeping Tom named Samir Hamid Shaikh was arrested. The accused lives in Dharavi.

The Mumbai police reported that Shaikh has a mobile shop near the eatery. On Thursday, the woman decided to visit there with a colleague. She went to the washroom at around 8:30 pm. Shaikh observed her and placed his mobile phone on record mode beneath the washroom door. Luckily, the woman noticed it on time and screamed for help.

An offence of voyeurism under IPC’s Section 354 (C) has been registered against Shaikh. His phone was confiscated, and he was then taken to a city court where he was granted bail. 

Similar Incidents

A similar incident took place about two months ago wherein, a man tried to blackmail his wife over her indecent photographs. He had installed a spy cam in her bathroom and threatened to circulate her photos unless she agreed to pay 20 lakh rupees. In February 2020, an assistant professor from IIT-Madras placed his cellphone in the women’s washroom. A 30-year-old PhD student noticed the mobile and alerted the campus’ security guards. The man named Subham Bannerji was then taken to task.

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Image credit: ndtv