Mumbai Doctor Tests COVID Positive Thrice After Taking Both Jabs Of Vaccine

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Mumbai doctor tests COVID positive after vaccination for the third time in thirteen months. The first time she contracted the virus was last year. The second and third times she tested positive after taking both of the Covisheild doses.

Shrishti Hallari tested COVID-19 positive twice after taking two Covishield jabs recently and thrice since last year, is being treated with Remdesivir along with her entire family who tested positive as well. The doctors are reportedly analysing the variant of the virus that affected Hallari and her family.

The 26-year-old doctor who was a frontline warrior last year, serving at the Veer Savarkar Hospital in Mumbai’s Mulund area, first contracted the infection on June 17, 2020. According to reports, it was a mild infection back then.

Hallari, along with her family took the first dose of the Covisheild vaccine on March 8 this year. The second dose was taken on April 29, as per reports.

Hallari reportedly tested positive for the second time on May 29, one month after the second dose of the vaccine. Even this time, the infection had mild symptoms and she recovered with home quarantine.

Hallari tested positive for the third time on July 11, however, this time her entire family tested positive along with her with severe symptoms. They are currently being treated with Remdesivir.

According to a report by NDTV, Hallari said, “This third time I suffered more… my family and I were hospitalised, needed Remdesivir. My brother and mother have diabetes and my father has hypertension and cholesterol problems.”

She added that her brother faced difficulty in breathing and was on oxygen support for two days.

According to reports, COVID vaccines do not guarantee immunity from the infection and people might still get infected even after both doses. However, the advantage of the vaccine is that symptoms are milder, rarely require hospitalisation and are very unlikely to be fatal.

Feature Image: NDTV

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