Mrs World Caroline Jurie Arrested: Timeline Of On-Stage Brawl At Mrs Sri Lanka Pageant

Caroline Jurie arrested due to her misbehaviour with Pushpika De Silva, Mrs. Sri Lanka 2020.

Apr 08, 2021 17:29 IST
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Caroline Jurie, the winner of the previous year's Mrs Sri Lanka beauty pageant, was recently arrested in Colombo. She was seen snatching the crown from Mrs Sri Lanka 2020's head in a live telecasted event.

After a row with the new Mrs Sri Lanka Pushpika de Silva, she was arrested by the Colombo police. Jurie had yanked the crown off Pushpika de Silva moments after she was declared Mrs Sri Lanka 2020 at Colombo's Nelum Pokuna Theatre on Sunday. As per the complaints filed by de Silva and the pageant organisers, Jurie was pressed with charges of assault.

Jurie had been given the title of Mrs World last year. The outrage against her made many ask for her title to be denounced.

Mrs World Caroline Jurie Arrested: A Timeline

  1. On Sunday, Pushpika De Silva was crowned Mrs Sri Lanka. Jurie went on stage and pulled the crown off her head. She alleged that since De Silva was divorced from her husband, she did not deserve to win the competition because as per the rules, the participants have to be married. During the commotion, de Silva suffered head injuries and later issued a legal notice against Jurie.
  2. The organisers said that they were claiming compensation from the former Mrs Sri Lanka for the damages made to the stage and backstage dressing rooms where several mirrors were smashed. They also blamed her for bringing disrepute to the event.
  3. Chandimal Jayasinghe, the local franchise holder for the pageant said that they were deeply disturbed by Jurie's behaviour and sincerely regret it.
  4. The incident was witnessed by several spectators in the theatre as well as a live social media audience. Outside the Cinnamon Gardens police station, Colombo De Silva said to the reporters that she would drop charges against Jurie if she made an apology. However, Jurie refused to do so. De Silva said that she can forgive Jurie but not forget what had happened.
  5. Jurie made serious allegations against De Silva. These seemed enough to take her crown away. However, investigations revealed that De Silva was separated from her husband but they were not divorced. Thus, her title cannot be denounced.
  6. Senior police official Ajith Rohana said that they arrested Jurie and her associate Chula Manamendra in connection with a charge of assault and causing damage to Nelum Pokuna theatre.
  7. There were no immediate comments from Jurie or her lawyer.
  8. Police sources said that a court hearing is likely to take place next week on April 19 and both Jurie and her associate could be granted bail on Thursday.
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