MP Horror: Young Girl, 13 Year Old, Gangraped by Nine in Madhya Pradesh

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In horrific incident a 13 year old girl was gang raped, reportedly multiple times, by nine people in Madhya Pradesh. Truck drivers passed around this girl from one to the other. This is what happens to women in India. The incident took place in Umaria district of Madhya Pradesn, on January 11-12.


Earlier the girl hadn't reported the incident out of fear.

The class nine student was kidnapped and gang-raped first by two truck drivers, multiple times and then they 'passed' her to other men.

The girl was out on an on the afternoon of January 11 for running small chores when two truck drivers kidnapped her and took her to a jungle to rape her. According to the girl's complaint, the truckers held her hostage in the truck. They then drove to a dhaba where they gangraped her again, "and were joined by the eatery owner and four other truckers, she has said in her complaint."

Umaria's Superintendent of Police (SP) said to the media that the girl had to be counselled for 20 hours before she could speak up. According to him, the young girl's horrors didn't end with two sets of men gang raping her. When she sought help, she was taken by another trucker who reportedly raped her too.
As per this report, Umaria's SP further added about the rapists, "They reached a dhaba where they held her hostage for the whole night. Later, Dhaba owner Paras Soni and four others raped her. The girl requested the accused to allow her to go. The girl was sent to her home in a truck. She shared her trauma with the truck driver, Rohit Yadav, but instead of informing police, the driver raped her. The truck driver left her near a toll plaza on Umaria-Katni road. She flagged down another truck and the unidentified driver too raped her. The girl somehow reached her home on January 13 and informed the police," he added.
This incident took place in a state where recently its chief minister Shivraj Chauhan said he wanted to launch a way to 'track' working women. But is that an answer to creating a safe environment for women? Women's rights are human right's and as free citizens of India women must have equal access to public spaces, safe rides on buses, and anything else.

Is it time for us to stop trying to 'protect' women in the name of safety by 'tracking them'? Is it time we put the focus on what's leading men to participate in heinous crimes like this?