MP: Educational Institutes to Sensitise Women About Their Rights

Charvi Kathuria
Jul 24, 2017 10:29 IST
Govt scheme Women's Safety

Indore's Directorate of Higher Education believes that acquainting women with their rights is the cornerstone to their empowerment. It has, therefore, asked all the universities and colleges to create awareness among women about their rights and actions that can be taken in the face of harassment.


As per the new order, complaint boxes will be installed for women employees and students. CCTV installations of will take place on the institute premises to avert any untoward incident.

"DHE has directed all the colleges and universities to organise activities on women empowerment and spread awareness on the same. Colleges will be instructed to keep complaint boxes on their campuses," said DHE Indore Region Additional Director, Prof. KN Chaturvedi.

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He added that students and teachers will also be sensitised about rape survivors or victims of other crime. They will be informed about their rights and the different ways they can use their rights to deal with crimes.

Besides complaint boxes and CCTVs, DHE is also chalking out a plan to introduce women rights and empowerment in the curriculum so that more and more women know about the rights of women and can use them to their advantage.

Providing women with helpline numbers is another strategy being thought of colleges and universities have also been granted the power to take strict action against complainants.


Indian states seem to have finally woken up to the abysmal condition of women's safety in the country. Haryana, for instance, has recruited 1,000 female cops to keep a vigil on perpetrators.

The government also announced the inclusion of sex education in all state-run schools.

Acknowledging the important role that women's safety plays in the overall well-being of its citizens, women and child development minister Maneka Gandhi went public to ask for suggestions on safety and empowerment of women this time via

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