In A First, MP Constable Allowed To Undergo Gender Reassignment Surgery

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For the first in Madhya Pradesh, a police constable has been allowed to undergo a gender reassignment surgery.

According to a report, the 30-year-old constable had submitted an application for sex reassignment operation in 2019 after completion of psychological and biological tests. An Indian Express report quoted the Principal Secretary, Rajesh Rajora.

MP Constable Sex Reassignment Surgery:

He said, “After her file reached my office, she in person appeared and made her case. She categorically said she felt like a male trapped in a woman’s body. She had already taken the required psychological and biological test and visited doctors at AIIMS to undertake the surgery.”

He added that after considering everything and with approval from required law department, the constable was allowed to go ahead with the surgery. The constable is reportedly going the get the surgery done in All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi. The police officier said that the constable did not have the support of her family members but the he had made up her mind about the surgery. Even if it meant going through with it all by herself. The constable is herself funding her surgery using her saving, the police officer added.

According to reports, another constable who belongs to Beed district, has also undergone the same surgery in 2018. He was the first constable to do so in the state of Maharashtra. After the sex reassignment surgery at the government run St. George Hospital, Lalita prefers to be called Lalit.

Lalit was born in a family with limited means, her parents worked as labourers. Everything was normal until one day when he was 14, a local doctor operated on her to remove what was believed to be a cyst.  But he experienced a similar situation again in 2014, when another doctor declared not a cyst but identified it as underdeveloped testicles.

“I have lived as a woman for 29 years. I will finally get free from this state now. I am looking forward to my new life,”he added, Mumbai Mirror reported. Back in 2016, Salve was diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

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