Watch: How One Bride's Horseback Ride Stole The Internet's Heart?

A bride arrived at the groom's home riding a horse. Her attempt to overturn the marriage rituals and make a space for women's choices was received with huge astonishment on social media.

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In Burhanpur district, a vibrant and unconventional wedding procession unfolded, defying age-old customs. Astha Gujarati, a chartered accountant hailing from Burhanpur, chose a distinctive path to invite her groom, Avijit Shah, to the upcoming nuptials. The spectacle of Astha confidently riding a mare through the bustling streets not only captivated the entire district but also infused an extra dose of excitement into the wedding celebrations. 


Astha Gujarati, currently based in Dubai as a chartered accountant tied the knot with Avijit Shah, a manager at Google Company in the USA. Their union brings together two worlds, merging tradition with modernity, as they embark on a journey that beautifully blends cultural practices.

Breaking the Mold: Kanya Ghatri Tradition

In the Gujarati Modh merchant society, a unique tradition called Kanya Ghatri holds significance. Prior to the marriage, it is customary for the bride to ride on a mare, symbolizing the invitation to the groom. The groom, in turn, accepts the invitation by presenting the bride with a sword. This ritual, deeply rooted in history and reminiscent of royal customs, adds a regal touch to the union of Astha and Avijit.

While Kanya Ghatri has faded from the practices of the 'Patidar' community, Astha and her family decided to revive this erstwhile tradition. The usual marriage procession, where the groom traditionally visits the bride's house, was replaced with Astha's bold and empowering gesture of inviting Avijit in a manner that breaks gender norms.



When Expression of Love turns Poetic

In the video, the bride can be seen sitting on the back of her horse in a wedding dress. She is also wearing a turban, which is pleasantly shocking as turbans are symbolic of manhood. Moreover, what has won hearts is the way Aastha, the bride, is expressing her love for her groom. Poetically, the duo is seen exchanging love for each other, and it just melts our hearts. 

This is not the first time that a bride has tried to reverse the traditions. In the year 2013, an Indore girl turned heads when she rode a horse in her wedding finery to reach her groom's home. Moreover, in 2022, a woman named Priya Aggarwal rode on a white mare to reach the wedding venue.

What do these Brides Breaking tTraditions tell us?

Whenever such news surfaces, a sense of pride runs through us. It makes us proud of women who fearlessly defy traditions that are made to restrict them. I am not questioning the tradition. Every tradition is beautiful until and unless it is used to restrict someone's choice or individuality. If a woman wants to ride on a horse on a wedding day, there should be no objections to it. If a woman doesn't want to 'donate' herself in Kanyadaan, no one has the right to tell her to do otherwise. Do you know why? Because every woman has the right to choose what she wants in her wedding or in her life.


The unique blend of old-world charm and contemporary choices exemplifies the beauty of cultural diversity. In a world where weddings are often standardized, this extraordinary procession stands out, inviting us to appreciate the richness of tradition while embracing the winds of change.

Women are no longer ready to confine themselves to certain gender roles. And men, too, are slowly starting to accept the changing mindsets of women. So who are we to question? 


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