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There are some who are born leaders, while some still have to hone their skills in order to reach that pinnacle. Being a leader does not always mean leading a team at work. In fact, a leader is someone who can apply her skills holistically in all fields of living, be it at home or at work. Here are some tips on how one can apply their home leadership skills at work also.


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Effective communication and focus

Now for all those who think that being a housewife does not require leadership skills, you guys are obviously not paying attention. Why do you think mothers are able to run the household so well? The answer is effective communication and delegation. When you have figured an effective way to communicate with everyone at home, the same tactics can be applied at work as well. Every individual responds to a different tone, and you must not hesitate to try and experiment.

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Ruchira Chaudhary, an advocate and a founding partner of VR Tax Attorneys tells SheThePeople.TV:

"As a mother, a homemaker, we are very focused when it comes to a particular task. Being attentive and meticulous about tasks can be a great advantage in a work environment. Perseverance is another attribute that can comes in handy at work."


Motivation is the key

Always be the person who celebrates victories rather than pesters others with their faults. Many mothers do a great job at motivating you when you feel down, don't they? These are skills that are highly appreciated by employees in the corporate world. They work at their best when their leader stands with them.

Amita Shankar, who runs Mail Boxes ETC in Chiswick, London says:

"Where there's a will, there is a way! Don't let anyone tell you that BECAUSE you're a woman, or a mother, you can't follow your dreams. If you want to do something, you get up and do it. Just jump in the water, and don't wait."

Multitask your way to success

Geeta Jacob, a homemaker in Gurgaon, believes that running a home is as good a task as running a work place.


"Multitasking, patience, organising, and keeping up with time and schedules is definitely skills that can easily be attributed at work and at home. To be able to manage people and tasks simultaneously is a skill acquired at home."

Be optimistic

This is something that is absolutely necessary, I believe. A leader does not have to unrealistically optimistic either, but she needs to maintain a balance that keeps a tense situation from exploding. Imagine for all the times your mother has helped you out of a sticky situation at home, and made you see light at the end of the tunnel?

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Take charge

Sukanya Duttaroy, Managing Director, Swarovski India tells us, "never hold yourself back".


She says women need to take charge at work, just as they do at home with their family. It is important they know and do what's best for them.

All these years if you thought your mother or wife was just a "housewife", you need re-analyse your perspective and give all of them a pat on their back for being born leaders who run your household successfully! These are women who have cracked the trick of being a leader all of by themselves by experimenting all these years -- schooling themselves with skills that can stand them in good stead in all walks of life!



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