Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity for us to reciprocate our mother’s love by expressing our sincere gratitude for everything they have been doing for us. It’s the unconditional love she showers on us that gives us the courage to go on in testing times.

Social media, too, has been celebrating Mother’s Day by posting videos depicting this beautiful bond. Read on to know about four such heart-warming ads that have gone viral recently:

1. Nivea Ad

Besides mothers, we are often blessed with mother-like figures who are always there by our side. Their presence makes a lot of difference to our lives. This ad is a tribute to all those wonderful people who guide their loved ones just as mothers do.

2. #MilnaZarooriHai

Adulthood is a chaotic phase. Long hours at work, getaways with friends and the list goes on and on.. We, sometimes, become so occupied in our lives that we completely forget our mother’s desire to spend quality time with us. This ad is a reminder to all those caught in the cobweb of life to keep aside some time to spend with our mothers.

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3. Vicks Ad

Defying traditional gender norms, this ad is based on the true story of Gauri Sawant, a Mumbai-based transgender who raised Gayatri after her mother succumbed to HIV-AIDS. In the ad, this transgender mother delves into the deeper essence of motherhood.

4. Allegro Ad

This ad made for Allegro, a Polish online action website, captures the camaraderie between a mother and daughter in the best way possible. The daughter’s desire to be exactly like her mother resonates with so many of us striving hard to emulate their unique qualities.

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