In A First, Two Women Are Holding Top Positions In Mossad Spy Agency

Mossad First Women Officers
For the first time in the history of Mossad- Israel’s intelligence agency, two women are leading Mossad in the top positions.

Agent A (Aleph) is leading the post of Director of the Intelligence Authority (parallel to the Head of the IDF Intelligence Branch). Agent K or Kuf was already operating as Head of the Iran Desk.

The Mossad announced the appointment through a rare press release on 18 August 2022. It noted that there are now two women in top positions at the agency, wherein Agent K was already serving at Iran Desk. 

At a ceremony organised by Mossad two months ago, Aleph said, “I will utilize this distinguished platform to call on women to realize their potential and influence in the security establishment and the combat or technological units in particular, in order to continue making their mark,” as per the release

Mossad First Women Officers’ Roles

Further mentioning their roles, Mossad noted- Agent A has approximately 20 years of experience with intelligence operations. Agent A is responsible for formulating the national strategic intelligence picture on global terrorism and other issues concerning the Arab world. She will be responsible for managing hundreds of employees in the collection, research, and analysis of intelligence.

The Head of the Iran Desk is responsible for Mossad’s strategy in dealing with all aspects of the Iranian threat. Agent Kuf also integrates operations, technology, and intelligence in the organization, together with the IDF and all of the security services.

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Mossad Director David Barnea remarked, “As soon as one enters the organization, there is complete equality between men and women. Many women serve as agents and operators of agents, and integrated into the core of operations and intelligence, with talent, professionalism, and energy.” Barnea encouraged more women to join the Mossad as the doors are always open.

Earlier, Aliza Magen was the first woman to serve as Deputy Director of the organisation. After 30 years, two women are leading the highest positions in the organization. Mossad was established in 1949 following a recommendation made by David Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel, to Reuven Shiloah, the first director of the intelligence agency.