More Women Leaders Needed For World Peace: Dalai Lama

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The National Women’s Parliament, organised by the Legislative Assembly of Andhra Pradesh in  Amravati, saw world leaders propagate the message of spreading gender equality to bring peace in the world. The highlights of the session were the views expressed by Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama on the dire need to bring more women at the helm of affairs. He advocated that more women leaders would make the world a safer place to live in because of their deep values.

“We have to analyse what went wrong in the 20th century. At this very moment, people are killing each other. We cannot remain indifferent to the conflicts in the world because we are all one. We have to think how to create a more peaceful 21st century. In order to produce warm-hearted and compassionate humanity, we have to make every effort. In that aspect, biologically, females have more ability. Women should take more active role in promoting deeper human values. In all professions, we need promotion of values,” Dalai Lama said.

SheThePeople.Tv spoke to young women to know what the world would like if it had more women in leadership.

Kiran Duggal, a student of Political Science student in Delhi University, feels that the agenda of roping in more women for leadership positions is not the only key to women’s empowerment.

“I am in favour of seeing more and more women shoulder responsibilities and working towards the development of the country. But then, we need to have a clear picture of the kind of women leaders we want in the world.”

“The principal of the Mumbai college that was in news for all the bad reasons is also a leader. How can we expect a woman in leadership to make nasty comments about women’s dressing style?The point I am trying to make is that quality of women leaders, rather than quantity, should be given more importance.”

Falguni Shah, working as a teaching professional in Delhi, feels more women in power will help in the uplift of girls and other women in general.

“Women make good leaders as they are good decision-makers and far sighted. Their sensitivity towards others’ problems becomes a boon for the organization they work for. I have come across so many women who prefer working under a female employer because of the level of comfort they can share. Even in the profession of teaching, children feel more comfortable being taught by a female teacher. They feel secure under our guidance and are encouraged to share their problems ”

Our take: 

History is testimony to the fact that women in power have always helped the world flourish but we can’t undermine the pivotal role education and morals play in ensuring good leadership.

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