More Women Embracing Motherhood In Their 30s: Report

early signs of pregnancy, motherhood in 30s
motherhood in 30s: More women are embracing motherhood in their 30s, according to a report. The desire to focus on their careers is compelling them to postpone their marriages and motherhood. According to them, this allows them to be financially secure and allows them to put their career on hold if required to bring up their babies.

Here are few more things you should know about the report

  • According to Dr Sameena H, consultant, obstetrics and gynaecology who spoke to TOI, women who approach them before planning their first baby are above 28. The first conception usually happens around 30.
  • This wasn’t the case a decade before when women were done with their family before 30.
  • Women these days, according to gynaecologist, prefer starting a family only when they are professionally settled and financially secure.
  • They also look forward to enjoying their pregnancy and post-pregnancy phase.
  • A lot of women also do not want to burden their parents with the medical expense of their delivery.
  • Another gynaecologist says that parents choose to attain financial stability and maturity before embracing parenthood. She, however, admitted that this comes with its own set of challenges.
  • Age, according to them, is crucial to determine the reproductive health of a woman.
  • Gestational diabetes, placental abruption, eclampsia, premature delivery and genetic abnormalities are some problems associated with motherhood in 30s
  • Women should not ignore prenatal care as it helps in avoiding pregnancy, she suggested.
  • “I am a hypothyroidism patient who conceived the old fashioned way at the age of 32. I gave birth at 34 weeks via an emergency c-section. My child was born severely underweight at 1.5 kilograms and remained in NICU for 15 days before coming home. I had developed intrauterine growth restriction. So far the worst days of our lives as parents were the first 15 days after our baby was born. Do I regret having conceived relatively late in my life? No, because it was my choice to embrace motherhood when I felt ready for it. I think I wouldn’t have been able the handle the crisis that I endured any better at a younger age, and being unprepared for it would have only made matters worse.”, Deepshikha Chakravarty, working as a media professional told SheThePeople.TV.

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