More Grandparents Taking The Tech Route To Connect

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More Grandparents Taking The Tech Route To Connect

From rural women to toddlers, almost everyone is reaping the benefits of the new-age blessing -- technology. But that's not all! According to a report by Telegraph, a lot of elders are also adopting technology as they feel that it would help them alleviate loneliness in their twilight years.


SheThePeople.Tv spoke to some millennials and their grandparents to know how tech-savvy they are.

The tech-savvy grannies

Ayushi Jain, an English Honors student of Delhi University, tells SheThePeople.Tv, "My grandmother knows everything from sending messages on Whatsapp to downloading movies from YouTube. In fact, she starts panicking if she forgets to carry her phone somewhere along with her."

"FOMO (The fear of missing out) is something even she is afraid of," Ayushi chortles.

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To stay in touch with children


For a lot of people, technology has become the sole tool to stay connected with their closed ones settled in different parts of the world. "A lot of people of my age have their children settled abroad. My own daughter is settled in Canada and softwares like Skype and Whatsapp calling are among the many tools I can make use of to stay in touch with her and my little granddaughter. This way, I stay updated with all the new activities my granddaughter does," shares Sunita Chawla, a homemaker based in Mumbai.

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She does not shy away from accepting that cellphones and other technological devices have actually helped her become more advanced and empowered. "I don't rely on anyone for any kind of information. I am quite independent in that sense."

Madhu Goel, a grandmother in her late 60's residing in Delhi, shares with us her passion for clicking selfies."I am fond of clicking selfies. My friends whom I meet in the evening for a walk, have created a Whatsapp group on which we share inspirational quotes and fitness tips. I even send some of those to my grandchildren."

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Preferring the good old times


Not all grandparents, however, seem to be smitten by the development of technology. "My grandmother is averse to gadgets and their increasing use. I remember visiting her place an umpteen times during my summer vacations. But now, she discourages us from coming to her place because we bring along with us our modern-day paraphernalia which she doesn't like," says Karishma Verma, a Gurgaon resident.

She further added that her grandmother, instead, reminisces about the good old times when people would actually interact with each other face to face and built strong bonds.

Well, adopting technology or not is completely one's choice but one thing we are very sure about is that the subtlety with which technology has become a part of our lives is difficult to ignore. So, avoid freaking out if your grandmother sends you a friend request soon or starts following you on Twitter. Age is just a number, you see!

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