Moms Mean Business with Shobha Nair

As part of our mothers day series, we speak to Bangalore based entrepreneur Shobha Nair about the challenges of balancing work and family.

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If there was ever someone who was an expert at multitasking, a woman would beat them to it. More so, mothers who handle a career along with their husbands, home and children. It's an art maintaining a work and home life balance, but most women seem to manage it pretty well. Just how do they do it? Well, on mothers day, the best person to answer this would be a mom. And we caught up with one such mom who means business.


Moms Meaning Business Moms Meaning Business

Meet Shobha Nair, co-founder of,  a Bangalore-based e-commerce platform for affordable furniture, who juggles work and family on a daily basis. Her daughter is the apple of her eye, and she makes sure to be there for all the important occasions.

Ask her why she thinks  'Moms Mean Business at Work', and her reply comes pat:

“It’s more than just business…it’s emotions and hence can be very challenging. What came to my rescue is an understanding family and co-founders. They always stepped in during my need to attend to family, like in times of school examination, health issues etc.”

shobha nair with her daughter Balancing family and work life: Shobha Nair

 As a mother, take your children around your workplace (if you can), let them see how hard your work and get inspired!


And how did she think of a start-up?

Motherhood actually allowed me to think of a startup. Not wanting to go back to the corporate grind, had me think of doing something on my own and get creative.”

“I use my time effectively to ensure most of my work gets done while the child is in school or while she is asleep. But, there are days that I have not been able to pay attention to her and make up for it when I get a chance.”

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So, what is her advice for women entrepreneurs? She makes some pertinent points:

“There will be up’s and down’s in your start up, mostly downs within the first two years! If you have a solid business model, don’t let you interim failures boggle you down. It’ll be best if you can have one or two co-founders and also to have a mentor who you can rely on. As a mother, take your children around your workplace (if you can), let them see how hard your work and get inspired!”

 Now that is some valuable advice, worth noting down, and following as well!

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