At 13, Momiji Nishiya Claims Historic First Olympic Gold In Women’s Skateboarding

Who is Momiji Nishiya, Momiji Nishiya
On Monday Japan’s Momiji Nishiya created history. She became the youngest individual Olympic champions in history to win the inaugural women’s skateboarding gold. She is 13 years and 330 days old.

Nishiya beat Brazil’s Rayssa Leal, who is 13 years and 203 days old and sixteen year old Japan’s Funa Nakayama. Had Leal won she would have become the youngest individual Olympic champion. She would have broken US diver Marjorie Gestring  3m springboard record set in the 1936 Berlin Games. Gestring was 13 years and 268 days at that time.

Leal won silver with a score of 14.64.

Here is what we know about the champion and her record:

  1. Momiji, scored 15.26, her final three runs (4.15, 4.66 and 3.43) secured her top spot on the podium.
  2. Nishiya, had earlier won a silver medal at the 2021 world championships held in Rome.
  3. She is a Osaka native.
  4. Momiji Nishiya became the winner of the first ever Olympic skateboarding event for women. And now the 13 year old will be an example for many girls around the world for the possibilists women’s skate boarding can open up.
  5. The event was celebrated as a win for women by many.
  6. Both women’s and men’s (skater Yuto Horigome) street skateboarding competitions at Tokyo have been won by Japanese athletes.
  7. Nishiya is just months older than the current female record-holder for the youngest gold medal winner. US diver Marjorie Gestring set the record with her 3m springboard event in 1936.
  8. She broke the record for being the youngest Japanese national to win an Olympic gold. Earlier the record for Japan’s youngest gold medalist was held by swimmer Kyoko Iwasaki who won gold in Barcelona at age 14.
  9. The bronze medal in the maiden event also went to Japan.
  10. At the event each skaters gets two 45-second runs on the equipment and five shots at a one-off trick. Their best four scores (from a total of 7) constitute their final score.