Modi Justifies Centre’s Triple Talaq Stance

Triple Talaq Bill Parliament

PM Narendra Modi on Monday spoke about the discrimination against Muslim women in their religion and at the same time raised the issue of female foeticide in the Hindu community, TOI reported.

Addressing a Maha Parivartan Rally in the Bundelkhand region in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh, Modi said, “Now the issue of talaq has come up. Just like if any Hindu commits female foeticide, he will have to go to jail, similarly what is the crime of my Muslim sisters that someone says talaq over phone and her life is destroyed.”

“Female foeticide is a sin. So what if the sinner is a Hindu? My government has taken a number of steps (to stop this practice). Daughters, mothers, sisters should be protected. One should not consider religion. Mothers and sisters should be respected. We have raised the issue firmly,” he said expressing concern over the high rate of girl child deaths among Hindus.

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Modi went on to request the media not to turn this issue into a communal or political one. He also justified the Centre’s position on Triple Talaq, saying that its stand in Supreme Court is against any atrocities on women and that it is gender-based. While pointing out gender discrimination, he also asked the audience if Muslim women should be given equal rights or not.

“In democracy, there should be discussion. The government has put forward its position. Those who want to digress from triple talaq are instigating people…in the country, lives of Muslim women cannot be allowed to be ruined by triple talaq,” he said.

In his speech, he clearly demarcated the difference between politics and equal rights for Muslim women. He said that it is the government’s duty to ensure equality to Muslim women in the country.

He urged the prime time debates to be held among Muslim intellectuals who have actually read the ‘Quran’ and are progressive enough to call out the inequality rather than putting spokespersons of the government and the opposition on air to discuss it. He reiterated the fact that India is a democracy and that every decision will be taken after discussion. The government has put forth its position against Triple Talaq and is now waiing for the SC’s decision.

picture credit- Financial Express

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