Modi Government and Entrepreneurs: Swati Bhargava looks back

StartUp India And Modi

Swati Bhargava of CashKaro.com reflects on the big moves for startups under the Modi Government as it turns two. She clears the politics of things to pick what has been ground breaking for entrepreneurs. Bhargava is quick to add that the government must now follow up the execution of its strong plans and roadmap

In May two years ago, the Narendra Modi-led NDA Government came to power with an absolute majority. The lavish swearing-in ceremony promised to bring in winds of change. Team Modi was ready with a bold plan for the country.

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Since then, it has been an eventful journey with different policy changes, laws, etc. bringing great optimism to the economy. Modi’s ambitious ‘Start-Up India, Stand-Up India’ initiatives related to e-commerce, have been well received by the Startup community and can be ‘rated-A’ by many young entrepreneurs. As a part of the start-up community we are glad that the government recognizes and supports an industry that is transforming India and has the potential to play a pivotal role in the overall economy.

Modi Government and Entrepreneurs: Swati Bhargava looks back

We believe that the new guidelines has brought some clarity and ease of biz and growth to the e-commerce sector like simply starting initiatives like the ‘Twitter Seva’ which accelerates communication to the numerous queries by entrepreneurs like us. Also, by introducing 100% FDI in e-commerce, Modi Government has kept the promise of continuous reforms and bought rejoice to investors. The government has also mobilized efforts and guidelines in bringing price parity between brick and mortar and e-commerce retailers. While a fine print on the policies is still awaited, a closer look at the campaign revealed the genuineness of the government in ensuring that they are willing to go beyond the foundation level and to facilitate until a concept can be operationalised.

Modi Government and Entrepreneurs

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Now that the start has been euphoric and has built expectations, going forward the success of these policies will largely depend upon the active governance and timely implementation of the action points. The Prime Minister should personally take stock and review progress from time-to-time. Many a times, Government bodies have started initiatives but failed to see through the execution. Hence, we need to ensure that political and bureaucratic issues do not over-shadow the smooth functioning of the plans.

That said, overall Mr. Modi has managed to keep the momentum around his start-up initiatives alive and we just hope for a better relationship with the Government.

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