To Ensure a Male Child, In-Laws Force Woman to Rub Miracle Oil on Belly

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It seems that India’s craze for god men continues… Recently, the Hyderabad police arrested a godman who allegedly sold a “miracle oil” to a pregnant woman who longed for a baby boy. Moreover, he charged Rs. 2000 for the same.

He instructed the mother-to-be to rub the oil on her belly and ensured she will deliver a male baby. On the woman’s failure to deliver a boy, she was ousted from the family. The husband threatened to divorce her.

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The woman Habeeba Fathima from Nampally married Mohammed Mansoor in August 2016. The latter returned to Abu Dhabi to work, leaving his wife with his parents. Her in-laws threatened her that their son would abandon her if she failed to produce a male heir.

They consulted a god-man to increase their chances of being blessed with a boy.

“So, in October 2016, they took her to Shaik Abdul Raheem, a 68-year-old  in the locality and asked him to ensure that she gives birth to a son. Raheem gave Fathima some oil to apply on her abdomen, besides a medication meant to be taken orally, and charged her Rs 2000,” the police officer told HT.

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Even after seeking divine blessing the woman delivered a girl. Angered by the same, the in-laws demanded an additional dowry of Rs 10 lakh.

A case has been filed against the woman’s husband who divorced her after the birth of their daughter. The Hyderabad police arrest has arrested three people, including black magic practitioner on charges of cheating and criminal intimidation.

This incident throws light on two important social problems the country is grappling with. Firstly, there is nothing that can ensure the gender of an unborn child. Secondly, putting  blind faith in self-proclaimed god-man promoting spirituality is no good.

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