Why Millennial Women Are Embracing The Pyjama Culture

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Traditionally part of the nightwear segment, pyjamas in the last decade or so they have carved a space for themselves as a popular comfort wear. You can find them in lounges, offices, college corridors, malls, cinema halls and so on. These days young women swear by their loose T-shirts and cool pyjamas. There are multitudes of women who are ditching dresses, skinny jeans and uncomfortable clothes and embracing the pyjama culture.

But what makes the culture gain so much prominence in the last few years? SheThePeople.Tv speaks to some young women to find out the reason behind their love for this comfort wear.

“Being in pyjamas lets us be who we are” –  Kriti Jain

Comfort is a priority

Ishita Chikkara (22) who works as a clerical checker in Delhi says that dressing up is a very overrated thing these days. “We are living in an age where dressing comfortably should be given priority and so, pyjamas are my all-time favourite,” she asserted.

She explains how she has stopped buying jeans or any other kind of bottom wear and instead believes in having a good collection of cool pyjamas for both summers and winters.

“Being in pyjamas lets us be who we are,” says 26-year-old Kriti Jain, a housewife from Delhi. She further added that they reiterate our faith in the fact that we need not be decked up all the time to look presentable. Pyjamas give us a sense of homeliness and show the society where our comfort lies.

“At a time when pitting girls against each other is a popular trend, such parties can break the cycle to establish more positive relations between them.” – Nimisha Bansal

Pyjama culture is symbolic of freedom

Among the various things that are symbolic of freedom and independence, pyjamas are definitely one of them, believes 21-year-old Ayushi Jain pursuing her graduation in English Honours from Delhi University.

“It helps us in feeling relaxed. In fact, girls are embracing the pyjama culture as a symbol of their independence. It is also symbolic of their freedom in contrast to the harsh behaviour of the society,” she said.

A 23-year-old Karishma Verma, working as a cabin crew with a reputed airline believes that pyjamas are a super comfortable form of clothing. “These days girls head out in tank tops and pyjamas for college or even tuitions. Even offices promote such culture by keeping a day reserved for casual wear which allows us to go to work in pyjamas. We can team up a pyjama with a kurta or a shirt and we are ready to go anywhere. It is about wearing what is comfortable and pyjama comes as a rescue in harsh summers.”

Pyjama parties – A new way to bond

Pyjama parties are also a great way to ensure that girls get a chance to let their hair down and forge a strong bond with their girlfriends. These parties have gained prominence in the last decade. 19-year-old Nimisha Bansal who is pursuing journalism from Lady Shri Ram College says that these parties have traditionally been the most common form of social bonding, especially among girls.

“In the age of social media, such parties actually hold an important place in revitalizing the essence of a female friendship. It is inevitably fun. It definitely brings them closer, allowing them to understand each other better and become more considerate. At a time when pitting girls against each other is a popular trend, such parties can break the cycle to establish more positive relations between them.”, she avers.

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