Miley Cyrus Performs Lakshmi Puja

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With a fruit bowl, decorated in genuine Hindu religion style, and candles in glass jars, singer Miley Cyrus apparently performed Lakshmi Puja in her house over the weekend.

The 24-year-old Instagrammed a picture showcasing a traditional Hindu prayer set-up with a photo of the Goddess of Wealth, “Lakshmi”, being worshipped. The picture shows Miley decorating her house with fruits and halwa alongside incense sticks and diyas – and the result is beautiful.

Miley Cyrus

“#FruitBowl over Super… #offering”, the caption reads!

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The ‘Wrecking Ball‘ singer organized a homely prayers function amidst the ongoing Super Bowl 2017, which she gave an enigmatic miss.

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While every American is sitting in front of the TV screen for Super Bowl 51 updates, the pop star chose to do something different. She conducted Lakshmi Puja at her home on Sunday, as reported by The Daily Mail.

Miley Cyrus 4

The image that Miley posted on Instagram highlights her spiritual side. A series of pictures also gave us a sneak peak of Miley’s fun moments during the puja. One of the pictures shows a pundit performing the rituals.

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The former Hannah Montana star was earlier spotted with large colourful cushions with gold designs in her home in Malibu, Daily Mail reports.  She also posted two videos highlighting the best of the Puja.

Miley Cyrus 5

For those of you who are wondering about Miley’s sudden ’dharmik’ avatar, this is not the first time she had done something like this. She has always had such spiritual leanings and also has two tattoos that are related to Hinduism. From inking ‘karma’ on one of her fingers to ‘Om’ on her left wrist, Miley has always projected herself as a spiritual person.

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Well, we deeply enjoyed your offerings Miley and best of luck for the upcoming concert this year in India with Justin Bieber.

Feature Image Credit: orzzzz.com

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