Michelle Obama final pitch for Hillary: This election is on us. It is in our hands.

Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama has rallied through Hillary Clinton’s campaign shining the light on key issues like human rights, gender and others. In her final case for electing Hillary Clinton, she told the crowd in Philadelphia that the United States needed a leader who “sees the dignity in all of us” and views “our diversity not as a threat, but as a blessing.”

Michelle Obama’s speech was passionate as she urged people to vote and make a statement about what kind of country they wanted to live in.

The first lady was flanked by Bill and Chelsea Clinton as she declared, “This election is on us. It is in our hands.”

“If we stay home or play around with a protest vote, then Hillary’s opponent will win, period, end of story.”

Hillary Clinton will be a president who ‘sees the dignity in all of us’ – Michelle Obama