In the star-studded final trick-or-treat Halloween celebration at White House, U.S President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama grooved on the tunes Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’.

Obama welcomed around 4000 people in the last event of his Presidency at White House wherein the South Lawn was beautifully decorated by them. Scores of students from local school and military families were dressed up in the most enchanting dresses. While some were in the attire and appearance of zombies, one was dressed up as a ‘lame duck’. In fact, a youngster was dressed up as the Presidential himself imitating the gray hair and hues and blues of Obama.

While the treats came in the form of Hershey kisses, Halloween cookies, M&Ms, fruit bars, Bo and Sunny basketball and other varied categories of candies, tricks were prohibited by the Secret Service. The first lady merrily said, ‘candy for everybody’.

Barack Obama hilariously told the youngsters at the party that at least, today, at the last event of the Halloween, they didn’t have to pay attention to first lady about healthy eating. Since Michelle Obama has also been campaigning lately against childhood obesity, Obama’s remark came as a joke to audience. The President said, ‘and, in fact, the more candy, the later you eat the candy, the better.

He also later added, that you being up all night with a sugar rush is exactly what your parents are looking for’.