Is this the end of a battle, or is it the beginning of another one? As Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States, many people unexpectedly took to social media to display their fondness for outgoing First Lady Michelle Obama. Many of these supporters are devastated by Trump’s win and want America to elect its first female President.

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The hashtag #Michelle2020 was trending since people want Barack Obama’s wife to return to the White House. After all, she is very popular a candidate with a chance of winning the election for the Democrats in 2020. Besides, who would forget her emotional appeal to voters as she stood beside Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July. We were all moved by her speech, weren’t we?

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Here’s the buzz on social media:

This one’s my favourite:

Though, President Obama had confirmed that Michelle Obama would not run for office, we are keeping our fingers crossed for the future.

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