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Michelle Bachelet

The former President of Chile, who stayed on the presidential position twice, has been voted by United Nations General Assembly in New York as the High Commissioner for Human Rights. Bachelet, who said she was "deeply humbled" by the new responsibility, will take charge from September 1. She expressed her vote of thanks to the supporters.


After the establishment of the office in 1993, Bachelet will be the seventh person to become High Commissioner. Reacting to the development, UN chief Antonio Guterres said, “She has been as formidable a figure in her native Chile, as she has at the United Nations”.

Who is Michelle Bachelet?

  • She is popular as the first woman President of Chile who got re-elected. She has served the presidentship from 2006 to 2010 and from 2014 to 2018.
  • Bachelet was born on 29th September, 1951, in La Cisterna, Santiago.
  • Her full name is Verónica Michelle Bachelet Jeria. She was named after French actress Michèle Morga.

Her family

  • Bachelet's mother was an archaeologist. Her father was General Alberto Bachelet Martínez, an Air Force Brigadier.
  • She is alumni of the University of Chile, Karl Marx University and Leipzig Inter-American Defense College.

Lady with exceptional qualities

  • Bachelet has been a great example of a passionate working woman. Belonging to the Socialist party, she managed collaborations with other parties as well.
  • President Ricardo Lagos elected her as Minister of health. That's when she proved to be a successful representative of the public. Her efforts led to the decrease of long hours of waiting by the public in hospitals.
  • From being a Minister of health to Minister of National Defense, from being the president twice to now being the UN human rights chief, her achievements are commendable.

Bachelet has been appreciated ever since she started to work. She has been ranked as the world's 15th most influential person by TIME magazine in 2008. Michelle Bachelet - ‘Symbol des neuen Chile’ and ‘La hija del General’ or ‘The General's Daughter’ are the documentaries made on her life, her job and responsibilities.

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