Mexican President Faces Backlash For Defending Politician Accused Of Sexual Violence

Mexican president
Mexican President: Women’s rights advocates are calling President of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador for defending Felix Salgado Macedonio as he runs for governor despite the allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

While Saldago has not spoken about the allegations, his lawyers labelled them as “stories of invented crimes” and that “there’s no proof” against the accused. So far, five women have accused Felix Salgado Macedonio of rape and sexual violence since 1998. He has not been charged with any of these crimes.

Salgado is part of the same party as Mexican President López Obrador, Morena party. Obrador has repeatedly defended Salgado even when the demands for removal started to rise. He said that the allegations against Salgado are a part of the “media lynching” campaign and that “politicking”.

Women of Mexico have been protesting against the President and Salgado on social media as they appeared holding a sign that said “President, break the pact”. They have been posting pictures of them with the sign. It is a reference to machismo camaraderie that goes on in Mexican politics.

Alma Delia Murillo tweeted, “This is the opportunity for the president and Morena [López Obrador’s party] to demonstrate that they really are different and have some decency.” She then asked the President to not make a pact with machismo by vouching for a candidate like Feliz Salgado.

The president brushed off these comments and said, “They’re linking me to the Félix Salgado case, and there’s a media lynching campaign in all the radio programs, all the press against Félix.”

This is not the first time Obrador has locked horns with the women’s rights campaigners in the country. He earlier dismissed protests that called for action against the growing femicide in Mexico. According to him the women’s rights movement in the country is filled with conservatives who want to take his administration down.