#MeToo: Organisations, Equal Rights Advocates Decide Next Steps

Bhana Bisht
Oct 30, 2018 09:39 IST
#MeToo Equal Rights Advocates

The Equal Rights Advocates & 276 other organisations have come to together to decide the next steps in the #MeToo era. Recently, The New York Times published a letter signed by these organisations. The letter lists concrete steps for what's next in this # era.

Seeking a better world

The letter, which is now a moving force for future steps, covers all significant dimensions about the #MeToo movement. Here are some key points the letter mentions:

  • Over the past one year, there have been countless disclosures by millions of individuals who revealed their ordeals surrounding sexual violence and harassment. The perpetrators, in these stories, have been family members, bosses, co-workers, classmates, coaches, priests, strangers and others.
  • The letter states how the organisations have collectively mobilized to seek justice, care and support for survivors, and have began articulating dreams of a safer future.
  • The #MeToo narrative, the letter states, has changed the way that survivors are heard and believed.
  • They noted that the society has gained to some extent in this era because of accountability for individual perpetrators and enablers.

"Even so, as we are reminded by Brett Kavanaugh’s recent confirmation without a full and fair reckoning with the sexual violence allegations against him, much more work remains," the letter reads.

Our progress is not easy or uncontested; and while the measures and moments of accountability we have achieved are necessary, we recognize that they are not enough to create the lasting change we need and deserve.

The collective move also lists several challenges that institutions face. Through signing the letter, the organisations commit to becoming partners in this change:

  • Federal and international policy reform

The organisations urged lawmakers worldwide, including the US Congress, to advance comprehensive reform to address sexual violence in its many forms at work, in schools, homes and in communities.

  • 20 states by 2020

They suggested that 20 US states, by 2020, must pass laws to strengthen legal protections against sexual violence.

  • 100 school districts across the country

They enlisted schools to play a crucial role in their way of responding to violence when it occurs. They urged for 100 school districts across the country to demonstrate their leadership in this regard.

  • $300 million for healing and justice this year

The letter challenges philanthropy, including foundations, corporate donors, and individuals to commit $300 million in US funding in the next 12 months. This amount will be dedicated to investing in people and organisations that are addressing sexual violence.

The letter states how people, across the world, will have to play a critical role as well

  • Vote to support survivors

Voters must rightly use their own power to vote in leaders who champion safety and dignity for women and all survivors.

  • Organise

The letter urges the world citizens to organise within communities and institutions enabling a broad base of support for efforts to end sexual violence worldwide.

"The stakes have always been high, but the world no longer has an excuse to ignore this crisis."

We commit to push forward to meaningfully address sexual violence and harassment in their many forms. There is no other time but now. Join us."


Read the full letter here.

Featured image source: New York Times

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