You are not living on earth if you haven’t come across the #Metoo doing rounds on major social media platforms. Millions of women across the world are sharing harrowing tales of sexual harassment they faced from family members, friends, co-workers and strangers.

The flurry of tweets and Facebook posts exposes the gravity of the problem. It is sad to note that almost half of the world’s population stays unsafe despite campaigns that urge people to stop violence against women.

It all started when actor Alyssa Milano tweeted to expose the scale of sexual harassment taking place in the world.

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Her tweet said, “Suggested by a friend: If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote “Me too” as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.”

According to Facebook,

“4.7 million people around the world have engaged in the ‘Me Too’ conversation on Facebook in solidarity with victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment.”

The campaign is definitely an empowering step towards encouraging women to speak up and spur change. Interestingly, a lot of men are actively participating to show their solidarity for the cause and spreading the word.


Shariq Rafeek, a writer by profession, shared a Twitter thread talking about his actions in the past and why men should start respecting women more.

Vir Das, Bollywood actor, shared some great ways on how men can make most of the campaign.


A post shared by Vir Das (@virdas) on


Men, too, can play a pivotal role in combating the issue of sexual harassment against women by showing sensitivity and calling out misogynists wherever they spot one. The issue of sexual violence can be solved only when men and women coalesce and fight together against the problem.

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