Her job is to create happiness; the woman behind Smart Dubai. Meet Dr Aisha Bin Bishr who is in charge of making Dubai a happy city since she took over the post in 2014. Bin Bishr launched a meter to measure the happiness of the citizens.

Her Twitter Bio reads- “The most impactful technologies and innovations are those that make people happier.” For Bin Bishr, technology is not the ultimate goal of Smart Dubai but it is only a medium to reach the ultimate goal that is happiness. Bin Bishr has over 20 years of experience in information, communication and technology (ICT) development in public and government sectors. She is a PHD in Management, Science, Technology and Innovation and Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Policy and Research on Engineering, Science and Technology from Manchester Business School.

“When you can wake up in the morning and know which route to take to work without getting stuck in traffic, when you can renew your passport or driving licence at the touch of a button, when you can be notified about your child’s grades and medical reports all on one screen, that is when we know the city have become happy and smart,” Bin Bishr had said in an earlier interview.

Officials also recently discussed “the happiness meter” in place in Dubai.

Picture credit- Tech Channel MEA