Meet The Winners of the ‘Women Transforming India’ contest

Women Transforming India

On International Women’s Day PM Modi had announced a Women Transforming India contest which was organized by NITI Ayog, in collaboration with MyGov and the UN in India. The purpose and aim of the contest was to invite stories of women from across the nation so their efforts and work be recognised. Citizens were invited to send in nominations of women who are contributing to nation building in fields like environment, social, cultural, business and health. Here are the top 6 women who won the contest.

Deepa Malik, a biker, swimmer and an athlete

Her sports careers started at the age of 36, after her spinal tumour surgeries that bound her to her wheelchair. What it couldn’t bound was her spirits! An army kid, Deepa fought with her inhibitions and limitations to pursue her dream of adventure and sports. A biker at heart,  she joined the Himalayan Motorsports Association (H.M.A.) and Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (F.M.S.C.I.) and biked at an 18,000 feet. If that’s not tremendous, then what is. Not just that, she even represented India at the Rio Paralympics this year.

Lalithabai, the Stove Mother

An agricultural labourer in a small village in Karnataka Lalithabai is responsible for transforming lives of thousands of women in villages that use choolah. Her community in her village call her the Stove Mother now. She introduced the concept of smokeless stoves to the women in her village. She enterprised a way to make 10,000 stoves in the initial three years at such an affordable price that the women could not say no to her. Many rural women live in unhealthy conditions because of the harmful smoke that comes out of a choolah.

Nirmal Chandel from Himachal Pradesh

Having faced the tragedy of her husband’s death at a very young age, Nirmal witnessed and realised the unfortunate lives the widows in our country live. She is the proud founder of Ekal Nari Shakti Sanghatan with the aim of helping widowed and deserted women. The political leaders in Himachal include them in their policy making and encorporated them as entity in budget schemes like health insurance, social security, ration cards etc.

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Revathi Roy, founder of FORSCHE

An entrepreneur that thought for not just herself, but for the society as a whole. She is the founder of FORSCHE, which is an all women taxi service. One of a kind in India, this service allows for women to get a fixed income to support themselves and their family.

Kuwarbai Yadav

What do you think you’ll be doing when you’re 103 years old? Kuwarbai, a resident of a small village in Chhattisgarh, is constructing toilets in every household. This inspiring old lady goes door to door in her village and educates them about sanitation, while asking them to build a toilet in their household. She has been successful in declaring her villae as open defecation free area!

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Naheed Aqueel

Naheed is a proud founder of “Akel Mahila Manch”. Her mission is to educate and train young girls of our society who can grow up to be empowered women.

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