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Social media can be used as a tool of accountability and has given voices to countless around the world. Here are thirty women who use social media as a means to champion feminism. Their voices are angry, determined and resilient, and will inspire you to participate in the larger debate and conversation. Don't follow them yet? Here's a list to guide you.


Aditi Mittal-@awryaditi

This comedian is not afraid to speak exactly what is on her mind. When the TVF scandal broke, she was one of the first few people to openly condemn what had happened, and urged her fellow comedians to also speak up about it. She also frequently retweets the trolls who direct hate at her, and by doing so deflates their blows.

Ameera Shah-@AmeeraShah

The CEO and Owner of diagnostic chain, Metropolis Labs is a big proponent of mentorship for women. She uses her Twitter profile to urge women to seek mentorship, and to mentor young women coming into business.

Amrita Tripathi-@genderlogindia@amritat 

Former Editor at Large at SheThePeople.TV, the journalist and author is the co-curator of crowd sourced Twitter platform, Gender Log India along with two others. Every week someone new is put in charge of the handle and is given the chance to examine gender in their own way.


Aparna Jain-@Aparna

She is an executive coach to CEOs and author of the book 'Own It.' She loves tweeting about feminist issues and we love the #wordsbywomen campaign she supports!

Barkha Dutt-@BDUTT

She is also unafraid to shame those who have trolled her online. She regularly takes on feminist issues and remains an important voice for women and an inspiration to those who seek to be fearless.

Elsa Marie D'Silva-@elsamariedsilva


Elsa Marie D'Silva Champions of Feminism On Twitter

Another fierce social activist, Silva is the founder of SafeCity. The Vital Voices Fellow believes in the power of social media for social change, #gosocialforchange, and thus uses her Twitter and Social media to disseminate useful information and to make. Fun fact- she just met Hillary Clinton.

Faiza S Khan@BhopalHouse

She is the editorial director at Bloomsbury India and isn't afraid to bring light to issues that are often brushed under the table.


Gayatri Jayaraman-@Gayatri__J

The author behind the viral article about the Urban Poor has a really fun twitter presence. Daily tweets revolve around her personal life, and also her witty and insightful comments about feminism.

Kaneez Surka-@kaneezsurka

We have seen her for years on Week That Wasn't with Cyrus Broacha. This female comedian and improv artist uses her social media platform to not only crack jokes, but also stand up for women!

Karuna Nundy@karunanundy

As an advocate for the Supreme Court of India, her Twitter feed is full of petitions to sign, and articles and tweets about law. She also regularly shares insights into sexual harassment and was part of the panel that shaped the anti rape law of 2013.

Mahima Kaul

She is the head of Public Policy and Government at Twitter India. She is a big supporter of feminism, and always joins in on promoting feminist Twitter campaigns such as #lahukalagaan. Mahima Kaul is the person behind Position Of Strength in India, an effort SheThePeople.TV is a partner to. It aims at spreading knowledge about social media use for change.

Meghna Pant-@MeghnaPant

Consulting anchor for SheThePeople.TV's series Feminist Rani, she is a champion for feminist causes. She is an author, columnist and speaker and will be involved in almost every conversation about issues regarding women on social media.

Malvika Iyer-@MalvikaIyer

She lost both her hands in a grenade explosion when she was 13. Now she is a TED speaker, a PhD and an activist. She works to build an inclusive society for disabled people.

Monica Jasuja-@jasuja

Champions of Feminism On Twitter Champions of Feminism On Twitter

This digital payments expert of MasterCard is vocal about not having anymore manels and has an open list of women for event organisers to choose from.

Naomi Barton-@naomi0_0barton

She works at Penguin, and apart from books she also loves feminism. Most recently her honest and open Twitter chat about sex was super inspiring and refreshing.

Natasha Badhwar-@natashabadhwar

Natasha Badhwar Natasha Badhwar

The columnist for Mint Lounge is poetic even while tweeting! She is one of the founders of @genderlogindia which is a crowd sourced community of people who discuss gender matters regularly. Here's an earlier interview with Natasha.

Namita Bhandare-@namitabhandare

Feminist Champions to follow on social media Feminist Champions to follow on social media

The journalist and mother of two isn't afraid to voice her opinion, whether on anti-Romeo squads, on women keeping their aspirations low. She says it like it is.

Nilanjana Roy-@nilanjanaroy

The author is very active on Twitter. Most recently her tweets against trolling were quite a hit.

Nishita Jha-@NishSwish

She is Assistant Features Editor at Scroll and is the writer and narrator of Trial By Error: The Aarushi Files. We love her tweets about interesting stories of women and women's issues.

Nishtha Satyam-@SatyamNishtha

She is the Head of Strategic Partnerships and PR at UN Women India and you will see a lot of relevant information about women’s rights and their laws on her social media pages.

Nishtha Satyam Feminist Champions on Social Media

Paromita Vohra-@parodevi

The filmmaker and columnist’s timelines are full of strong opinions. She is a big proponent of digital feminism and says that it has helped her create new kinds of stories.

Radhika Vaz-@radvaz

This feisty comedian is all about promoting feminism and almost everything she tweets promotes that idea.

Rana Ayyub-@RanaAyyub

Rana Ayyub Feminist Champions on Social Media

She constantly speaks out about online trolling. She publishes comments of people who have trolled her. Recently a man even got fired from his job in the UAE for his comments against her.

Ruchi Bhatia-@rucsb

The HR expert fights for gender equality in the boardroom and beyond. She is an active participant in diversity conversations and initiatives and writes about them too.

Sameera Khan-@samjourno123

A journalist who urges women to take back charge of public spaces as part of the @whyloiter campaign.

Sairee Chahal-@Sairee 

The founder of work portal Sheroes, she is on a mission to get women back into the work place and her Twitter feed is full of encouragements!

Supriya Joshi-@supaarwoman

She is a writer at AIB, and now stand up comedian. Her tweets are super inspiring and she urges everyone to love themselves no matter what anyone says!

Dr Shruti Kapoor-@kapoors_s

As the founder of, her mission is to empower and educate women against violence.

Taslima Nasreen@taslimanasreen

She is a writer in exile, thrown out of her native Bangladesh for her comments against religous violence against women. But she isn't afraid and has a loud and booming voice on Twitter, strongly voicing her opinions on issues like triple talaaq, hijab etc.

Trisha Shetty-@TrishaBShetty

She is the founder of SheSays, an organisation that urges women to become aware of their rights and report cases of abuse. Her twitter is a combination of useful information and her activism. She has started a campaign called #lahukalagaan which aims to convince Arun Jaitley to make sanitary napkins exempt from taxation in the new GST.

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