So here is another fitting example of women’s objectification as per the man’s desire. A woman was thrown out of a moving car for rejecting a marriage proposal in Mathura, ANI news reported. It wasn’t a proposal on any sorts, though. The man forced his feelings on her and even tried to kill her when she resisted according to the report.

In a meek voice that appears to be in a lot of pain, she recounts:

I got out of my house for some work when he kidnapped me in a car and brought me near Farah and tried to kill me with a hammer. He was forcing me to get married with him. I kept saying no and he kept saying ‘I will marry you tomorrow itself’. He was waiting for me since the morning and intended to take me home

After the incident, the boy, who was with a couple of friends left her injured at the Mathura-Agra Highway. Police Station in-charge of Farah Police Station, PP Yadav shared the details of the incident with ShethePeople:

We haven’t caught the guy, though a case has been filed against him. The thing is that they were in a relationship before. This is not an incident of residents coming under the jurisdiction of our police station, though we went there because the incident happened in our area.

His attitude smelled of rejection, since the girl was already in a relationship with the man. The attitude that the cops have towards approaching a particular issue determines the speed and length of justice that will be delivered. Whether in a relationship or not, the brutality with which the woman was treated in unacceptable by any human standards.