Martial Arts Training Must For Women In This Jharkhand Univ

Martial arts

Taking matters at hand against sexual violence, Kolhan University in Jharkhand is planning to roll out a programme for young women to learn martial arts for their defence. The course will be of six months duration and will also cover yoga and theoretical classes.

The course is set to begin next month for all the students studying in the varsity in graduate and postgraduate courses in all their five colleges.

The university has in total around 8,000 students who will profit from this programme, which costs them nothing extra.

The university is trying to help women learn a defence technique so they can avoid any kind of sexual harassment and attacks in times of distress. “The course will also help curb crimes against women in society,” university vice-chancellor RPP Singh to HT.

To make the programme work and encourage women to attend the classes with honesty, the administration has made it compulsory for students to have good attendance percentage in their martial arts classes. Otherwise, they will not be able to clear their courses in the end.

“The girls will be given a certificate after the training. Marks obtained in the course, however, will not be added to their degree course examination results,” he said.

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All colleges under the jurisdiction of the Kolhan University were notified about this course after they got a green signal from the university chancellor-cum-governor.

“The university has taken a major step towards empowering girls to deal with anti-social elements,” said Usha Shukla, professor-in-charge of the Graduate School College for Women in Jamshedpur.

However, it is to be seen how many girls actually come forward to attend the course. As has been seen in the past, courses like such seldom work and societal pressure on girls don’t let them freely learn these defence techniques.

Picture credit- Mirror