Political Party 'Mard' Fights Polls For Men's Rights: Read Their MANifesto

Now enters the Mera Adhikar Rashtriya Dal (MARD), a political entity sculpted in 2009, born out of the crucible of legal battles surrounding the Dowry Prohibition Act and the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act.

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While the country debates around women's rights, there is a political party that purports to advocate for men's rights. Enter the Mera Adhikar Rashtriya Dal (MARD), a political entity sculpted in 2009, born out of the crucible of legal battles surrounding the Dowry Prohibition Act and the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act. Founded by a cohort of individuals struggling with the complexities of these laws, MARD stands as an emblem of advocacy for men's rights in a sphere largely dominated by conversations on gender equality.


Since its formation, the party has run in seven elections: the 2019 Lok Sabha elections in Varanasi and Lucknow, a by-election in Bangarmau in 2020, and the Assembly elections in Bareilly, Lucknow North, Bakshi Ka Talab (Lucknow), and Chauri Chaura in 2022. However, the candidates consistently performed poorly, resulting in the forfeiture of their deposit. Despite these failures, MARD is preparing for the 2024 general elections, with candidates running for Lok Sabha seats in Lucknow, Gorakhpur, and Ranchi.

The Genesis of MARD

The roots of MARD can be traced back to the personal challenges encountered by its founding members, who found themselves caught in the complex web of legal systems ostensibly meant for their protection but often perceived as punitive measures. The story of Kapil Mohan Choudhary, a key figure in MARD's inception and its current president, sheds light on the hardships that spurred the creation of this political entity. Struggling with a prolonged dowry case dating back to 1999, Kapil's journey shows the overlooked and turbulent path tread by numerous men stuck in similar legal battles. It is from these shared ordeals of injustice that the seeds of MARD were sown.

"I have two kids from my first marriage, both taken away by my ex-wife. Later, I was falsely accused in dowry  and domestic violence cases. While fighting these cases in Lucknow, I met many others facing similar charges in similar situations," says 52-year-old Kapil reported by NDTV.  "I got divorced, but the dowry case is still ongoing. To highlight men's rights, we formed a political party," says Choudhary, who remarried in 2011.


The party's motto, "Mard ko dard hota hai" (Men feel the pain), captures its mission to advocate for the rights and well-being of men facing similar challenges.

MARD's Electoral Journey

Since its establishment, the Men's Alliance for Rights and Dignity (MARD) has been on a passionate journey in the domain of elections. It has actively participated in seven electoral processes, including the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, and subsequent engagements across Uttar Pradesh and beyond. Despite facing challenges such as losing deposits and lukewarm responses from voters, MARD remains firm in its promise to advocate for men's rights on the political platform.

As the 2024 general elections approach, MARD is gearing up for yet another significant chapter in its journey. Candidates affiliated with the organization are preparing to contest Lok Sabha seats in crucial constituencies like Lucknow, Gorakhpur, and Ranchi.

A 'MANifesto' for Change

Deep within the core of MARD's ideological framework lies a bold 'MANifesto' brimming with ambitious pledges and forward-thinking aspirations. At its essence, this 'MANifesto' champions the establishment of key institutions: a 'Ministry of Men's Welfare' and a 'National Commission for Men'. These bodies are envisaged as bastions standing against systemic injustices endured by men.

Furthermore, MARD advocates for the implementation of a 'Men's Safety Bill'. This legislative proposal aims to address perceived biases entrenched within current legal structures. Alongside these initiatives, MARD endeavours to formalize mechanisms such as the 'Men's Power Line' and the 'Family Welfare Committee' as proactive measures to foster fair resolutions to familial conflicts,  implementing laws for child custody after divorce and immediately 'halting live-in relationships' and safeguard men's rights within the familial sphere.

Dispelling notions of exclusivity, MARD extends an open invitation to women, affirming its dedication to safeguarding men's rights without encroaching upon the rights of women. "Our aim is to protect men's rights, not infringe on women's," said Choudhary in his statement. 

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