Maneka Gandhi Wants Special Homes For Disabled Children

maneka gandhi

Union Minister Maneka Gandhi is leaving no stone unturned to elevate the status of children with permanent disabilities. She has reportedly written a letter to the Union Social Justice and Empowerment Minister, Thaawarchand Gehlot urging him to set up special homes for such children in states, which can be run by NGOs under the supervision of local child welfare committees.

 “I firmly believe that such children need to be looked after by the government as they have no other means to live so that they are able to lead a life of dignity.” – Maneka Gandhi

 She visited one of such centers to analyse the situation. Dissatisfied with the kind of care provided to such children, Maneka Gandhi pointed out that these centres are ill-equipped to provide special treatment which is required for these children.

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“However, a number of children with disabilities, like, cleft palate or hole in the heart or those suffering from multiple-sclerosis need special, sustained and permanent care which these child-care institutions are unable to provide,” she said.

In her letter, she also wrote that most of these institutions operate as transition centres where either the children are reunited with their families or get adopted by families under the extant laws.

“I firmly believe that such children need to be looked after by the government as they have no other means to live so that they are able to lead a life of dignity,” she also wrote.

It is good to see our ministers making some sincere efforts for the betterment of the society. A lot of fruitful measures are being planned or have already been implemented in this regard. For instance, Miranda House, a popular college under Delhi University has installed digital signages to facilitate movement for the visually challenged. On the other hand, Uttarakhand is planning to issue Aadhar cards for children with different disabilities to save them from human trafficking.

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