WCD Launches Handbook On Legal Processes In Crimes Against Children

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Union Minister of Women and Child Development, Maneka Gandhi, launched a handbook on legal processes for police in respect of crime against children. The event took place on 19th June, at a function organised by the Bureau of Police Research and Development reported the TOI.


The handbook titled "Legal Processes for the Police in Respect of Crime Against Children". It will help the user with the application of rules and regulations related to crimes against children. It will be made available at all police stations in preferably all local languages, she added.

The handbook addresses the queries related to the procedures to be adopted while dealing with cases of crime against minors. The book also consists of the legislation and the latest rulings of courts.

The book is published by the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D) in partnership with Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS).
Dr PM Nair of TISS led the team which worked on this document. BPR&D is indulging in partnerships with reputed academic and research institutions across the country to increase the efficiency of the Indian Police.

Gandhi requested all the stakeholders to come together to fight crimes against children. She said that empowering the police personnel with proper skills to handle such cases is the need of the hour.


She also talked about the services offered by child line and railway child line. These work towards reuniting missing children with their families. She also spoke about  “Komal”, a short documentary to educate children on “good and bad touch”.

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The minister also mentioned that every police station must be equipped with rape investigation kits. She also expressed concern about the issues of sexual harassment at school. Gandhi emphasized on the installation of e-box complaint system.

"Amendment in the Juvenile Justice Act has been brought about to treat juveniles 16 years of age as an adult for trial in heinous crimes,” she added.

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