Delhi Man Kills Girlfriend, Marries Another Woman On Same Day: 10 Things To Know

Man Kills Girlfriend Dumps Body In Freezer
A 24-year-old man identified as Sahil Gehlot was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly murdering his live-in partner Nikki Yadav. He had strangled her with a mobile phone cable and dumped her body into a refrigerator at his dhaba on the outskirts of Mitraon village in west Delhi. He then went onto marry another woman later that day.

According to latest updates, Delhi Police have arrested five people including Sahil Gehlot’s father on charges of helping him in the conspiracy. It has also come to light that Sahil Gehlot and Nikki Yadav had got married in October 2020 at a Noida temple but the relationship was disapproved by Gehlot’s family. So they has arranged his marriage with another woman.

Sahil Gehlot and Nikki Yadav, both aged 24, had been in a live-in relationship since 2018. After Yadav discovered Gehlot’s wedding being fixed with another woman, an argument ensued and Gehlot killed her.

Man Kills Girlfriend Dumps Body In Freezer: 10 Things To Know

  1. A man identified as Sohil Gehlot has been arrested on Tuesday for allegedly murdering his girlfriend, dumping her body in a refrigerator and marrying another woman on the same day.
  2. The accused, Sohil Gehlot and the deceased, Nikki Yadav, both aged 24, had been in a live-in relationship at a rented house near Dwaraka since the end of the lockdown. Reportedly, Sahil kept his engagement with the other woman a secret, but Nikki somehow discovered the truth, leading to an argument between them.
  3. According to the police, there was no prior missing person report or complaint filed by Nikki’s family. One of the police officers who stayed in the village received information from Nikki Yadav’s friend that her father Sunil Yadav in Gurgaon could not contact her.
  4. Then the police received a tip about a man who killed his live-in partner and got married to another woman on the same day.
  5. The special commissioner of police, Ravindra Yadav, said the accused, Sahil Gehlot, was arrested on Tuesday morning by a team of police from Kair village crossing in Delhi.
  6. Gehlot had strangled Nikki Yadav with his mobile phone cable in his white-coloured Verna car on the night of February 9–10. He then drove to his dhabha, located on the outskirts of Mitraon village, and dumped the body in the refrigerator. After committing the murder, he married another woman on February 10.
  7. Nikki Yadav had discovered that her live-in boyfriend Sahil Gehlot’s engagement was scheduled for February 9 and his wedding on February 10. She pressed him to call off the wedding. Around 11 pm on the night of February 9, Sahil Gehlot reached Bindapur, and the couple left home in his car.
  8. Investigation reports said that the couple reached the Kashmere Gate area in north Delhi a little after midnight. The accused Gehlot took out the sick Nikki Yadav on the pretext that they were going to a hill station in Himachal Pradesh and that the news about his wedding was false. However, Nikki wasn’t convinced and kept pressing him for the truth, leading to a heated argument between the two. Gehlot then strangled her using his mobile phone cable and drove to his dhaba with Nikki’s motionless body sitting on the front seat with the seatbelt on.
  9. On reaching the dhabha in Mitraon village, he stuffed her body in a blue refrigerator and closed it using cable wires. The dhaba had been closed for the next two days due to the wedding.
  10. Nikki Yadav’s mobile phone had been found in the possession of the accused, Sahil Gahlot.

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