Man Uses Dating App To Find Himself Sisters For Rakshabandhan, Here's What Happened Next

In difficult times, terrible means are necessary, and the man made no attempt to conceal his goals.

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Dating Apps have made an effort to expedite the dating process, but it doesn't always go smoothly or result in love. However, a man took advantage of the opportunity while it was still available and used the dating app to find a sister for himself for Rakshabandhan.

If you find that absurd, prepare to be surprised. The man's plan was successful, and he was able to get himself not just one, but two sisters with whom to spend the event. His Tinder bio conveyed, “Looking for a sister to hang out with during Rakshabandhan."

Man finds sister on Tinder

For assisting him in finding two sisters for Rakhi, the man reportedly thanked Tinder writing on Reddit,  “Thanks to tinder, now I have like two sisters both of whom I met on tinder. This year all 3 of us are planning to get together and celebrate Rakshabandhan and exchange gifts and stuff. I’m so excited."

Because he didn't have a sister, there was no one to tie him a Rakhi or for whom he could buy gifts, the Reddit user claimed that he had always experienced FOMO (fear of missing out) on Rakshabandhan. Before Rakshabandhan, two weeks prior, he began altering his bio to reflect the fact that he had been looking for a sister for the previous two years. He was fortunate this year.

“This reminded me of a girl's profile managed by her dad who wrote: ‘Looking for my daughter’ instead of ‘looking for a boy for my daughter,’” a user noted.

Another user remarked, “I laughed too hard at this one!”


A Keralan guy recently made headlines on Twitter for using the dating app to hunt for an apartment in Mumbai, a situation that is comparable. A user of the social media site recently tweeted screenshots of a man's profile, where he asks potential matches to help him find a place to live in Mumbai.

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In difficult times, terrible means are necessary, and the man made no attempt to conceal his goals. The man's bio opens with an introduction in which he makes his objectives obvious. It says, “Not a sapiosexual. Looking for a flat in Mumbai.”

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