Unable To Handle Rejection, 38-Year-Old Man Defamed Woman, Urged People To Boycott Her

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A beauty parlour owner from Maharashtra has registered a complaint against a 38-year-old man for defaming her ‘character’ after she rejected his friendship proposal. Reportedly, the alleged admirer distributed and pasted pamphlets of the woman, asking people to be cautious of her as he claimed she was targetting different men.

After being rejected, the 38-year-old man did not only attack the reputation and integrity of the woman by circulating letters and pamphlets but also urged people in her locality to boycott her. In her complaint, the woman mentioned that the disgraceful act of the man started affecting her business which had already been running in losses due to the restrictions of COVID-19.

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Reportedly, the accused has been frequently messaging and calling the woman on her mobile phone since the first time they came in contact on September 15, 2020. The accused even asked her to meet at different hotels. However, the woman did not entertain the man which upset him and he decided to defame her.

In a statement given by inspector Surendra Malale to TOI, he said, “ We are trying to unearth all details in this case and it will be followed by initiating appropriate action.” Adding further, the inspector said that efforts are being made to trace and nab the accused of this shameful incident.

In a previous incident, A 17-year-old teenager who aspired to join the Indian army allegedly died by suicide at her home in Maharashtra’s Pandharpur town due to harassment by three men. Reportedly, the girl was fed up with the constant teasing by three men and ended up hanging herself to death.

In a suicide note which she left behind, the girl apologised to her parents and Bharat Mata as she was ending her life due to harassment by the three men. She further said that her dream to don an army uniform and wear a tricoloured badge will never be fulfilled. Read about it more here.

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